>A stain, a wheel, a brake…

>Tonight’s tidbit of knowledge comes to you courtesy of one of my favorite pairs of jeans:
Don’t wear clothes that you want to wear out in public while working on a motorcycle.

I got a nice grease stain on the knee tonight when I crouched down while tracing the right-turn-signal wire back along the chassis. Dang. Put some Shout on it, but I doubt it’ll be coming out.

On the up-side, I finally figured out how to put Nettie’s front tire back on. So now she’s back to two tires, until I get the time to take the rear one off. Greased up the front brake mechanism nice, it seems to work better now – in addition to just a general front-end cleaning. Still need to scrub the front mud guard though.
I found the wiring diagram in the Clymer book, thanks to someone on advrider, and the turn-signal/headlight switch assembly is now clean and in working order. The horn however, will need re-done, I need to figure out why that isn’t working …. ‘course I didn’t scrub that when I took everything else out for scrubbing, so that might be why.

I’m pretty sure the next thing will be the rear wheel. I want to get these brakes done, and taking the rear wheel off will give me a good chance to get these brakes down pat. I can put the new chain on too, adjust the springs, and get the back end cleaned up. I may even be able to get the battery in and the back-end electronics fixed up. Sure, I can get it in a week. …. well, I can at least get the wheel off and the brakes done.

Man, I need a good trip to Fastenal for some replacement screws. I should probably check the bike store first though, to see if they can get me the correct parts first….

P.S. Oh, and I danced last night and today. I’m learning. It’s great! C-:


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