>2 Week Ankles

>In reality, I have rather solid ankles – a result of many sprains and strains over the years. They tend to come back just as robust as they were before the injury, for which I’m thankful – though I can rotate my lowest major joint repeatedly for a fairly reliable and constant cracking sound as all the Nitrogen is worked out of that system. Regardless; I sprained my ankle on Friday night. Eh – it was stupid, I was jumping over some chairs in an auditorium, and I knew as soon as I hit ballistic flight that there could be a major problem upon landing. Sure enough, a good solid Snap! Pop! Pap! accompanied my touching down, along with a rather excruciating pain. [Eh, I’m an old hand at this.] Sit down, nurse it, wait a few minutes, get up, limp around, get some ice, elevate, wrap, take some anti-inflamatory drugs.
It just so happened I had a checkup scheduled for Monday, so I figured: might as well ask the doctor, this is what he gets paid for after all. His verdict? Two Weeks!! I CAN’T DANCE FOR TWO WEEKS!! What am I going to do for TWO WEEKS?! Ugh.
Guess my dance exposure will be continuing to convince a friend to start WCS lessons, finding more videos online, and analyzing different moves for theory and breaking them down in technique so that when I’m permitted to live again I can do them myself. Argh.


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