>Yay Ankle

>Monday night I went dancing.
Afterwards when I got back to my apartment this was my thought process:
Me: “Hm – I was supposed to take it easy on my ankle.”
Ankle: “Yep”
M: “Uh, oops – kinda forgot about that…”
A: “…”
M: “… soooo…, how do you feel?”
A: “… Actually, … great!”

So, I think the ankle was happy to have range of motion back and to get some exercise finally. Then Tuesday when I went out to ride the new_old bike, I ended up slipping on some ice, and semi-recovering before going down. I was all right after all, but I worried me for a moment.

Unrelated news: Bike #2 is functioning!
1972 DT2 250cc, “Nettie.” I took a ride down the parking lot and back.
Now that she takes throttle, time to get the oil injection working – it’s all set to stock, I just need bolts to affix the tank to the frame and tubing to run the oil through.


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