>Grease Day

>grease day! and it was good – I got both wheels off the motorcycle (still are), talked to Bob about the clunk (and hopefully got it resolved, cleaned up the rear wheel a bit, cleaned some grease out from the front sprocket, figured out what to order for new sprockets, changed the tach. cable and o-ring on the tach drive mating housing, changed the speedometer drive ring, learned how wheel bearing seals work, took of and cleaned the chain guard (straightened it some too), loosened the rear sprocket, checked the rear brakes, removed the washer on the shift shaft (where did I put that??), …. and that may or may not be all. It’s 8:50 pm; maybe I should eat dinner – but maybe I’ll take apart the bike instead…. Dinner first, then tools from the garage, then bicycle dissection … or maybe just bed.
All this after looking at three apartments in two trips. And church. And Denny’s.


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