101 Ways to be Attractive – #2: Listen

“Good listener.” Sounds like a positive evaluation for a kindergartner who doesn’t speak much, or a vague description in an online dating profile.

But listening is far more than processing audible impulses. A good listener is occupied with what you are saying, as you are saying it. A good listener can probably make a relevant reply to what you just said. A good listener is actually listening to the content of your sentences – and usually trying to understand.

A good listener is not formatting a rebuttal while you’re still mid-sentence. Good listeners probably won’t cut you off, correct you, or tell you how your sentiment is “close, but not quite right.”


Why would someone consider a good listener attractive? Who doesn’t consider a good listener attractive? Good listeners are attractive because they express kindness, deference and respect through the action of listening.

So if you want to be listening-ly-attractive, consider this: When someone else is speaking, are you listening? … or just getting ready to speak?


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