101 Ways to be Attractive – #3: Lose Graciously

I know next to nothing about Andy Griffith, but despite the tongue-in-cheek humor here, there’s something to be learned…

Losing a competition does not mean losing your cool.

In any situation – friendly competition between friends, long-standing local rivals, or the world’s stage of sports – no one likes a sore loser. On the other hand, one may be lauded if a defeat is handled with grace.

There’s lots of reasons to approach defeat or loss in this fashion: it’s an opportunity to learn and grow, professionalism is much more enjoyable than childishness, and tantrums are becoming to no one. Pick a reason, but let’s face it: no one likes a sore loser. Shake hands, chin up, and try again next time. Even consider congratulating the victor(s)!

These choices show maturity, even in the face of non-ideal circumstances. Choosing the mature path in something as simple as a defeat (because let’s face it – it’s likely literally ‘just a game’) will be good training for more difficult scenarios. Someday, swallowing your pride may mean the difference between ruining a relationship and repairing it – between losing a job or keeping it … or even advancing in your field.

As for attractiveness? Well, if sore losers are inherently disliked, then avoiding the disliked is probably a step towards attractiveness. But even more positively: someone able to pick any one of the reasons mentioned above to be a gracious loser has just demonstrated that they have a higher chances of making good choices in a relationship.

And that, my friend, makes you attractive.


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